Friday, April 24, 2015

If I Were A Dog, I Would Be A Terrier

If I were a dog, I would be a Terrier. But because I am a parent, spouse, friend, daughter, employee, volunteer, most days I live as a more mild-mannered and easy going breed like a Golden Retriever. Not that I don’t love Golden Retrievers; I do. Everybody does. But it’s not really me. I’m a free spirit, feisty, idealistic, impractical, and sometimes mischievous. I do my best to impersonate a Golden, but every once in a while I get a little crazy and rip up the drapes (not really), vow to quit my job and become a street artist, give a bunch of money away to help an animal in need OR better yet, bring that animal in need home without discussing it with the rest of the family.

Long Live Terriers

And this is where my other half enters the picture. You see, my husband is more of a Border collie. He works and works and works some more. He is practical, a here and now kind of guy.  And well, I’m neither of those things. I am a fierce dreamer and hold onto my dreams with the tenacity of you guessed it, a Terrier. I call this faith and imagination and he calls it magical thinking. The hubs only believes in what he can see, hear, or touch and worries that I live with my head in the clouds (he’s right and it’s going to stay there). He likes to ask me if I think money is going to fall from the sky. I answer yes, I think it might and if it does, I will be there to catch it because I’m a Terrier and we are very good at catching stuff. 

What actually happens when a Terrier and a Border collie unite? Well, the Border collie spends lots of time sniffing around, trying to herd the Terrier into behaving appropriately. The Border collie believes he is doing his job and I suppose, he is. But the Terrier doesn’t like being herded or told what to do. Have you ever seen a Terrier herded? No? Me either. 

Terrier Rules: No herding me!

Now, the Border Collie and I have been together for twenty years since we were practically pups, I mean kids. For the most part, we accept and appreciate our differences. Like a good Border collie, he knows when I’m up to something and it smells like trouble. And like a true Terrier, I know how to outfox him and when necessary, send him down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Most of the time, however, I behave myself and express my spirited Terrier nature by writing wild and crazy stories about talking dogs eating cheeseburgers while flying on magical carpets around the world (see bucket list tour) or Yorkshire Terriers challenging Greyhounds to races and almost winning (I’m an underdog kind of girl) or maybe just creating an avatar of myself with blue hair.

Terrier Speak: I am a Terrier, hear me roar!
And if you are wondering what happens when the Border collie and the Terrier have a little mixed breed. Well, the jury is still out, but it looks likes the pup has more of a Terrier approach to life. She likes to write stories, make art, dance, play guitar and she doesn’t much like being told what to do especially if it involves putting her art supplies or magical creatures away in the middle of a project or game.

So, now the Border collie has two Terriers to herd. And for the most part, we oblige. But for the record, despite what the Border collie tells us, we Terriers believe in magical things, dreams coming true, making people laugh, changing the world, and yes, money falling from the sky  …because our mentor, fearless leader, fellow Terrier, and most loved and missed Angel Pip is up there and if anyone is going to drop money, dreams, or cheeseburgers from the sky, it’s going to be him. And by gosh, we will be there to catch it, if and when he does.

Terrier Dreams: My head is in the clouds and I like it that way!

Disclaimer: We love all dogs equally – border collies, golden retrievers, pit bulls, shepherds, pugs, doxies, you name it, we love them. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eyes Wide Open ...Not

Long time followers know that in addition to Pip and now Ruby, we also have two cats, Moo Shu and Rosie. Moo Shu is painfully shy and likes her privacy. Rosie, on the other hand, craves the spotlight, but has some issues photographically. 

No matter what I do (and I have tried almost everything), Rosie will not keep her eyes open in pictures. 

My latest idea was to photograph her at sunset. Hoping that maybe with beautiful natural light and no flash, she would keep her eyes open. To make the most of the light, I stood outside the living room window looking in (forgot about the whole screen thing, but oh well).

My plan kind of worked ...

but not really. 

I hoped this would be the big dramatic finish, but not so much.

So, we are back to where we started. If anyone has ideas or tricks to help Rosie keep her eyes open, please let us know. 

Special Note: We rescued Rosie in July 2009. Only nine or ten months old, she already had multiple battle scars from her brief life on the streets and frostbite on both ears. 

Many of you may know that Amber Da Weenie's family is facing some pretty difficult times right now. Amber's human sissy (who has two little beans of her own) is in the midst of a medical crisis and is fighting for her life. You can read more about it HERE

The wonderful Marg is hosting an auction to help and she still needs more stuff. Please email her with pictures and descriptions of items you would like to donate. Her email is margaretmsan(at)gmail(dot)com.